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Driving Value in Healthcare

This byline was co-authored by Michael Roth, Head of the Healthcare Practice at Bliss. The reliable healthcare supply chains and…

Why PR for Healthcare Reform is Missing its Mark

After passing a monumental healthcare reform bill earlier this year, the Obama Administration has received a lot of news coverage about implementation of the legislation. Even if you’ve read all the coverage and kept on top of the debate, you probably still wonder – implementing what? And the problematic truth is that even your doctor may be unsure.

Ideas that Sell: Does Thought Leadership Really Drive Revenue?

Over the past year, content marketing and thought leadership have become popular catch-phrases. Try typing “#content marketing” into a Twitter Search and see how many results you get; this past Friday, the topic generated nearly 50 tweets in the span of an hour.

Read all about it! This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 2/8/2010

Bummed it’s the end of the football season? Us too! But to liven up your Monday, we’ve compiled some nuggets of interest from the business world. It might not be as good as a party on Bourbon Street, but its close enough. This week we are taking a closer look at news in healthcare, the markets and banking. Enjoy!

What’s New in Business News this Week? This Week’s Top-Line News Summary

According to a recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek article, a dozen U.S Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are set to raise dividends next quarter, on the heels of the industry as a whole raising $33 billion in capital. The dividend yield for mortgage REITs was 14.6 percent on Jan. 13, significantly higher than the yield for Treasuries (3.74 percent yesterday). Publicly traded REITs are required by law to pay 90 percent of their taxable income as dividends.

Thought Leaders’ Block: Four Tips to Jumpstart Your Writing

In today’s “knowledge economy,” most of us are in the business of selling ideas. Whether your industry is banking, insurance, advisory services, consulting, engineering/architecture, pharmaceuticals or medical equipment, chances are your customers care as much about how you think and what you know (i.e., ideas, insights) as they do about the features/functions of what you sell. In this environment, successful marketing means smart thought leadership (e.g., books, studies, analyses, blog posts, articles).