We work in collaborative partnerships with our B2B & B2C clients to educate and engage their target audiences to make informed decisions on products and services in this increasingly complex healthcare economy.

The Bliss Healthcare Practice represents a prestigious mix of Fortune 500, established industry players and true disruptors that span the healthcare industry – from healthcare services, healthcare providers, to life sciences companies, to health educators, administrators of health insurance, to advocates, and consumer health organizations. We offer end-to-end communications and marketing solutions that help our clients connect with stakeholders and influencers within the healthcare supply chain, and deliver compelling stories about the science, strategy or technology behind a company or product.

At Bliss, we know that every client has its own DNA — a unique culture and approach to working with its core constituencies and delivering critical messages in its own way. Bliss works directly with C-suite, marketing, medical and communications executives to cut to the heart of the matter. We gain alignment on their aspirations, identify solutions to create measurable behavior change for critical stakeholders and deliver tangible results. Our clients trust Bliss as a long-term partner to set a strategic communications path and execute new, creative ways to address their business challenges.

Bliss Integrated Communication is truly “integrated.” Not just in name (like many of others). We offer social and digital solutions and have been immersed in this marketing component for years, but social/digital expertise is now considered table stakes. What sets us apart? Bliss is both horizontally and vertically integrated and excels at creating the best thought leadership campaigns, understanding of complex subjects such as Medicare and Medicaid or clinical trial monitoring, collaborating with internal and external communicators, building relationships with financial and business press while connecting with technical trade media, and crafting umbrella narratives that can cascade from within various levels of a company. Our creative, proprietary approaches to strategic communications allows us to problem solve for our clients, while discovering unique and untapped opportunities.


Created an identity (both internally- and externally-facing) for a key business unit of a major biopharmaceutical company. These tactics marked the first “storytelling” of the business unit’s journey – creation, road-to-success, developmental hurdles and future goals – from 2008 until the present. Employees now understand the value behind the business unit, signified by a marked increase in interest from the company’s professionals.