We Need to Talk About Mental Health

It’s difficult to talk about. Given the productivity-obsessed work culture that is predominant in the United States, discussions of mental…

3 Ways to be Happier at Work

Last month, CareerBliss released its third annual ranking of the 50 happiest companies in America.  This at a time when…

Thoughts on Managing People

As your career develops, one of the steepest hurdles to jump is from being a doer to being a manager. The best managers still “do” – especially in creative and professional fields – but learning how to get people to be their best is a stretch for most of us.

GRACE UNDER PRESSURE: What Danny Meyer Can Teach PR People (and many others as well)

The story of a failed restaurant reinforced some important business principles for me today. Crain’s New York Business, in its November 1 issue, ran an article on the extraordinary lengths to which legendary restaurateur Danny Meyer is going to provide a soft landing for the 90 employees and many customers of Tabla. The high-end Indian eatery closes on December 31.

Do End of Year Bonuses Signal Musical Chairs This Year?

While the holiday season is behind us there is one more annual tradition to prepare for: the game of musical chairs in the finance industry. Most Wall Street firms pay annual bonuses to employees either at or shortly after the end of the year. Anticipation of these payments, which may account for the majority of total compensation, tends to cause employees to time their job hunts to minimize the amount of bonus money they leave behind with a former employer.