Monthly Archives: March 2011

5 Ways that PR is Evolving In Spite of Itself

Sometimes I wish the PR profession would get out of its own way.

Let me explain. Last week, I was asked to give a speech explaining what “Modern PR” is for the Fairfield County Technology, Environment, Entertainment and Marketing (FairCo TEEM) meet-up.

Key to a Solid B2B Social Media Strategy: A Good Audit – Reality Show Style

Good social media audits carry the suspense and drama of a reality show like “The Bachelor.” Hear me out. Girl walks in – immediately sizes up the competition, gets involved in the chatter, becomes quickly wrapped up in the dynamics, makes assumptions and then just when she thinks “he’s the man I’m going to marry…” Bye. Bye. No rose for you.

Is Your Brand a PR Underdog?

I generally do not consider myself to be a college basketball fan, but I have spent a disproportionate amount of…

Three things to look for in your workplace OR why I still work here?

Tenure at PR firms is rare. I suppose that is why I get frequent questions about mine. I’ve been with BlissPR since 2003. Last week I was asked why, three separate times. My answer has always been the same: there are lots of reasons but essentially I like and respect the people I work with.