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BRETT & ME: Lessons in Leaving What You Love

Brett Favre’s 18-year streak of never missing a game as a pro football quarterback ended last Monday night. But his place as a Green Bay Packers icon has been taking a severe beating for three years, ever since he “unretired” in 2008 to play for the New York Jets, and then “unretired” in 2009 and 2010 to lead the Minnesota Vikings, each time dragging the “drama” well into the summer.

24 Hours later: Lessons in life and PR from the Giants/Eagles game

I had both the honor and the ignominy to have been at the Meadowlands for the Giants/Eagles game this past Sunday, the most important game of the season. We had purchased tickets for my 9 year old son to attend his first pro football game, and he was very excited. As was I.

The Nitty Gritty: Basic HTML

As B2B organizations dip their toes into social media on a larger scale, agency folks have been tasked with assisting…

A cheat sheet to social media for financial institutions

Do you work with financial institutions? Ever had someone ask you about social media regulations and stuttered your response? Ever felt like, well, you aren’t exactly sure what they are or how they apply? Were you that kid who wrote the test answers on your arm with a Bic pen?

The C-Suite Gets Social

Last Monday, I went to McKinsey & Co’s annual New York Office alumni holiday party. Each year, the party features a content presentation linked to a major business issue. One year the presentation was on China. Another year it was on the on the global recession. This year it was on “Unlocking the Power of Social Media for Superior Performance.”

What B2B Marketers Can Learn from Goldman Sachs

The communications landscape has changed drastically over the past few years, even more so for Goldman Sachs. What was once a firm that was quiet and reticent to communicate with the outside world is now raising the bar for B2B companies and their approach to integrated marketing and communications. As a B2B firm, Goldman never felt the need to engage with the public, particularly through any formalized, external marketing and communications strategy.

Have Hopes of Retiring Someday?

I would like to retire someday. Sooner would be better than later, of course, but I’d really like it to be of my own accord. As a PR professional who often works with companies in the retirement planning industry – and as an aspiring future retiree – I usually find myself taking a great interest in any news related to the topic.

Connecting with Humans on LinkedIn: A Weekly Routine

LinkedIn contacts are professionals like you and me. They are not by nature ‘contacts’ or ‘prospects’ – while that well may be true, they are actually – well – humans. Your network is comprised of real people who respond to thoughtfulness, intelligent contribution, mutual professional support, and of course, regular contact.