Monthly Archives: May 2010

Sound the Alarms! Why Weren’t We in This Article?

“Why weren’t we in this article?” It’s the inevitable question every public relations professional hears – and, having worked in PR agencies for the last decade, it’s a fairly regular occurrence. The question itself comes in different forms, but it’s usually triggered by a competitor mentioned in an article.

Retirement Plan Services & Social Media: Where are the Opportunities?

In early May, my colleague Elizabeth Sosnow and I had the pleasure of presenting to a group of retirement plan service providers at Wilmington Trust’s Partners for Success 2010 event. The purpose of our discussion was to introduce attendees to social/digital media strategies that can meaningfully impact their business.

Twitter Caters to Biz, But Will Financial Services Bite?

Last week, Mashable reported that Twitter has begun beta testing its new offering for businesses – a suite of features designed to support companies using the microblogging platform. Twitter’s clearly looking to further encourage participation by brands in addition to individuals.

Ideas that Mobilize

A few months back I wrote a post entitled Ideas that Sell:  Does Thought Leadership Really Drive Revenue? Now, I’m…

News You Use Vs. News You Lose

Society today is blessed with the ability to get news updates from the widest variety of sources in human history. Not too long ago, most news traveled by word of mouth (along with any unfortunate distortions that cropped up along the way). Today, we can receive breaking news updates from anywhere in the world in nearly real time through such media as TV, radio, RSS feeds and the Internet.