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CFPA: Better Financial Regulation or a Roadblock to Innovation & Service?

New legislation currently in the Senate creates a new agency that will police mortgages, credit cards, personal loans and home appraisals resulting in significant new liabilities for credit card and other consumer lending marketers— and their communications firms could be put in the line of fire, too.

Eye Contact: Moynihan and the CEO’s job

Brian Moynihan is the new CEO of Bank of America. At least for the next few months, eyes will be on him to see what moves he makes as he puts on Ken Lewis’ big shoes.
Moynihan is 50. With a good decade or so in the job, assuming he can keep it that long, he will have an enormous impact. It’s as if 2008-2009 were banking’s “ground zero,” and he has the opportunity to steer not just BofA, but the financial services industry into the post-crisis future. At the moment, it seems like the only way he can go is up.

Thought Leaders’ Block: Four Tips to Jumpstart Your Writing

In today’s “knowledge economy,” most of us are in the business of selling ideas. Whether your industry is banking, insurance, advisory services, consulting, engineering/architecture, pharmaceuticals or medical equipment, chances are your customers care as much about how you think and what you know (i.e., ideas, insights) as they do about the features/functions of what you sell. In this environment, successful marketing means smart thought leadership (e.g., books, studies, analyses, blog posts, articles).

Read All About It: This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 12/14/09

Happy Monday! The financial services sector kicks off this week’s headlines with markets, banking and bankruptcy news making the biggest splash. Announcements from Citigroup, Exxon, and the upcoming Fed meeting will keep our public relations professionals busy as we monitor for developing stories.

Six Tips to Jumpstart Your Thought Leadership

Increasingly, you and your company are in the business of selling ideas. Customers want to know how you think – and how your thinking translates into action steps and recommendations. This makes the development and promotion of thought leadership (e.g., books, blog posts, articles, white papers) critical.

Media Training: Does Social Media Change How You Should Participate In an Interview?

Traditional reporters are a dying breed. They are swiftly being replaced by a new breed of bloggers, citizen journalists, microbloggers and, in some cases, even by companies. At the same time, layoffs at mainstream media are being announced on a daily basis. Newspapers are almost extinct, magazines are shifting to online editions and local news is the rising star.

What’s in Business News This Week? This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 12/7/09

Now that Thanksgiving is officially behind us, Manhattan has started to hustle and bustle in anticipation of the Holiday Season. Having trouble getting in the spirit? Our weekly preview of this week’s headlines in the B2B sectors we work in the most might help. This week our public relations professionals highlight management, personal finance and banking. Happy reading!

Wellness Campaigns Pay Strong PR Dividends

To date, news coverage on healthcare reform has focused disproportionately on payment models: should we have a Public plan? Private plans? Insurance cooperatives? Which model will offer consumers the most choice? Which will be the most cost-effective?

Does your accountant tweet?

Six months ago the answer might have been a resounding “no” or even a high pitched guffaw, but now you may be surprised to find out the answer is “maybe.”