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Wellness Campaigns Pay Strong PR Dividends

To date, news coverage on healthcare reform has focused disproportionately on payment models: should we have a Public plan? Private plans? Insurance cooperatives? Which model will offer consumers the most choice? Which will be the most cost-effective?

New Reasons Mammograms Matter More, Not Less

Most women frowned when they read the government’s new mammogram screening guidelines, which suggest that “less is best.” According to Dr. Larry Norton, Director of Breast Cancer Programs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, mammography compliance among women is already lower than it should be – and the new guidelines are likely to drive the numbers lower. Currently, one-third of women fail to get screened every two years – let alone every year.

3 Signs That the Future of Healthcare = Patient E-ngagement

“Healthcare cannot be a spectator sport.” To manage costs and provide better care, health leaders (policymakers, providers, employers, insurers) must get patients more involved. They must work with patients rather than providing services to or for them.