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To B2B or to B2C? That is the question – in real estate public relations

Are you marketing your commercial property to businesses or consumers? While business to business public relations was once the obvious answer to this question, marketing to consumers is becoming increasingly important for driving revenue in commercial properties. While business to business marketing positioning strategy– particularly to leasing and investment brokers – remains critical, there are other audiences to consider.

PR in the Service Economy: Eight Ways to Build a B2B Reputation

Are you doing PR for a B2B company that provides a service? Yes, that means you, all lawyers, consultants, financial advisors, asset managers, software developers and search firms. In fact more than half of the US GDP has come from services companies since 1982 , which is why marketing intangibles is a critical skill in our world.

Timing is everything. Is the market ready for your message?

Proverbs – and let’s face it, clichés – that focus on time and timing are prolific in investment-driven businesses like real estate and capital markets. And for good reason – after all, a good investment at the wrong time is no longer a good investment. Similarly, a good message can fall on flat ears, if the timing isn’t right – no matter how correct or wise it is. Deciding when you communicate facts, figures and messages to the world should be as central a part of your communications strategy as the actual content of your messages.

Differentiate Your Business with the Newest Marketing “P” and Leverage it with Social Media

Most entrepreneurs learn the 5 Ps of Marketing early in the game: Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People. We are told that these are the five marketing levers that satisfy customers and build market share.
What competitors can’t copy is a company’s Perspective. Perspective (or issues ownership) becomes important in a commoditized industry where it may be difficult to differentiate your company from competitors. Perspective is the sixth marketing P.