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HERDING CATS: Leading a Professional Services Firm

Figuring that I was old enough to have learned something in founding and running a PR firm for 30+ years – but not so old that I had forgotten it all – the three Managing Directors of our firm asked me to develop a number of staff training courses dubbed Bliss University.

It’s 10:00pm, Do You Know Where Your Brand Is?

How often do you come across a situation where a business and one of its key employees have become so closely identified with one another that they are almost considered one and the same? Steve Jobs and Apple, Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, Simon Cowell and American idol. When this happens, brand performance becomes tied to the iconic employee – for better or for worse.

PR in the Service Economy: Eight Ways to Build a B2B Reputation

Are you doing PR for a B2B company that provides a service? Yes, that means you, all lawyers, consultants, financial advisors, asset managers, software developers and search firms. In fact more than half of the US GDP has come from services companies since 1982 , which is why marketing intangibles is a critical skill in our world.

How can professional services PR firms build client loyalty?

As a professional services public relations firm, client satisfaction is something we think about on a daily basis. We want to be sure we’re providing quality client service and that, as a result, our clients are “happy.” However, in his book “If Disney Ran Your Hospital,” Fred Lee raises an important point: it is customer loyalty, not mere satisfaction that binds clients to an organization and protects it against serious competition.