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HERDING CATS: Leading a Professional Services Firm

Figuring that I was old enough to have learned something in founding and running a PR firm for 30+ years – but not so old that I had forgotten it all – the three Managing Directors of our firm asked me to develop a number of staff training courses dubbed Bliss University.

That’s What She Said: B2B Blogging Insights from the LFMP Social Media Panel

What does Michael Scott’s trademark punch line from NBC’s hit TV show, “The Office,” have to do with B2B blogging? Quite a lot it turns out – especially for the labor and employment law firm Ford & Harrison whose associates have turned this punch line into a successful B2B blog and major source of traffic for the firm’s website. The That’s What She Said blog recaps each episode of “The Office” – looking at all of the show’s employment law mishaps and how much it would cost for Dunder Mifflin to defend itself in a real-world lawsuit.

Professional Services Marketing: The Early Days

No question about it, the marketing of professional services can be a frustrating way to earn a living. This holds true whether you’re an employee of a professional firm or a “hired gun.” Common complaints are (a) egomaniacal clients, (b) unreasonable expectations that often flow from “a.” and (c) a paucity of solid content.

On pedants and dilettantes, gurus and gravitas

I had the opportunity last week to visit with a friend from college whom I had not seen in 25+ years. We had a nice visit in his Park Avenue office, learned that our companies employ roughly the same number of people, and that we market in very much the same way.

CFPA: Better Financial Regulation or a Roadblock to Innovation & Service?

New legislation currently in the Senate creates a new agency that will police mortgages, credit cards, personal loans and home appraisals resulting in significant new liabilities for credit card and other consumer lending marketers— and their communications firms could be put in the line of fire, too.


I spend very little time wondering when the economy will improve. I think a lot more about the health of the markets our firm serves, like professional services. That’s where we make our livelihood.

Media Training 101 for B2B Public Relations: Top 5 Interview Mistakes…and Strategies to Fix Them

There’s usually some fear in the conference room. There’s a tiny chance of tears. And even anger lurks nearby.

Pop quiz…what kind of meeting could possibly elicit that level of emotion? Answer: a press interview. For most folks, public speaking triggers worry, anxiety and self doubt. Media training is designed to remove the emotion and get clients focused on how to maximize their opportunities with the press.

Top Five Ways Professional Service Firms Should Use Twitter

You’ve heard that celebrities use Twitter to attract fans. You suspect that its top users are ladies who log on to discuss their cats. Most importantly, you doubt that sophisticated b2b thought leadership can ever be communicated in 140 characters or less. Why bother? You can just write another bylined article, right?