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Fear Not, Financial Firms: Move ahead with brand building social media

Social media creates dialogue, and peer to peer interactions. In financial services in particular, there’s an opportunity to inspire a more emotional, more intimate and honest relationship through social channels than with ‘push communications.’ Banks and brokerages have not moved ahead as forcefully as other brand marketers with innovative, big idea campaigns that get their customers thinking about how much they LIKE their brand, how much they IDENTIFY with the product or service provider.

Parenting Bloggers, Money and MetLife

We talk pretty frequently about social media here on the BlissPR blog, as more and more of our clients are experimenting in this space. While we often can’t blog explicitly about specific projects, now and then we do have the opportunity to share a successful case study – like the one you’re about to read.

PR in the Service Economy: Eight Ways to Build a B2B Reputation

Are you doing PR for a B2B company that provides a service? Yes, that means you, all lawyers, consultants, financial advisors, asset managers, software developers and search firms. In fact more than half of the US GDP has come from services companies since 1982 , which is why marketing intangibles is a critical skill in our world.

Making Your Financial Services Spokesperson a Better Interviewee

Let’s be honest – the intricacies of the 2,300 page Restoring Financial Stability Act are challenging to digest. Even as a financial public relations professional, the task of tracking the ongoing developments of the financial reform while also developing strategic thought leadership for our spokespeople has been daunting – to say the least. However, the need to work closely with spokespeople to help translate their insights on complex financial issues into comprehensible, interesting and differentiating thought leadership is exactly what makes financial services public relations rewarding.

Twitter Caters to Biz, But Will Financial Services Bite?

Last week, Mashable reported that Twitter has begun beta testing its new offering for businesses – a suite of features designed to support companies using the microblogging platform. Twitter’s clearly looking to further encourage participation by brands in addition to individuals.

Why PR for Healthcare Reform is Missing its Mark

After passing a monumental healthcare reform bill earlier this year, the Obama Administration has received a lot of news coverage about implementation of the legislation. Even if you’ve read all the coverage and kept on top of the debate, you probably still wonder – implementing what? And the problematic truth is that even your doctor may be unsure.

BlissPR’s Financial Services Practice Group Brings You Our Two Cents on this Week’s Financial News

Over the past several months, we’ve received great feedback on our weekly news summaries, including a few suggestions on how these posts can be more helpful to our readers. We’ve taken this feedback to heart, and have decided to change our “weekly news roundup” feature to focus on major stories breaking in the financial services industry. Moving forward, Our Two Cents will be authored by members of BlissPR’s Financial Services Practice Group.