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How to Pitch Superman

  It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the next great influencer! Superman, or when he’s in the newsroom, Clark…

Information Overload? There’s an App for That.

Like many people, I like a little “background noise” around me when I’m working. Since most of my clients are in financial services, this usually means CNBC or Bloomberg TV, where many of the ads tout new web and mobile services for people who want to keep a constant eye on the markets. Recently, I’ve noticed more ads highlighting a new take on this idea: financial media apps for mobile devices.

Overheard: PR CEOs Share Vision for PR Today and Predict the Future

Overheard: PR Power brokers share thoughts on PR today and the future

Last month CEOs of some of the best and most respected firms in the profession assembled for the Board of Directors meeting of the Council of PR firms. Toward the end of the meeting, we got to the best part – a “round robin” discussion of what’s on people’s minds. The group at this table is so impressive – apart from their tremendous individual success as business people and communicators, you can see a lot of wisdom, natural talent and just a heck of a lot of personality.

Making Your Financial Services Spokesperson a Better Interviewee

Let’s be honest – the intricacies of the 2,300 page Restoring Financial Stability Act are challenging to digest. Even as a financial public relations professional, the task of tracking the ongoing developments of the financial reform while also developing strategic thought leadership for our spokespeople has been daunting – to say the least. However, the need to work closely with spokespeople to help translate their insights on complex financial issues into comprehensible, interesting and differentiating thought leadership is exactly what makes financial services public relations rewarding.