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Timing is everything. Is the market ready for your message?

Proverbs – and let’s face it, clichés – that focus on time and timing are prolific in investment-driven businesses like real estate and capital markets. And for good reason – after all, a good investment at the wrong time is no longer a good investment. Similarly, a good message can fall on flat ears, if the timing isn’t right – no matter how correct or wise it is. Deciding when you communicate facts, figures and messages to the world should be as central a part of your communications strategy as the actual content of your messages.

Getting Started in Social Media: 5 Top Tips for Commercial Real Estate Executives

Commercial real estate social media is a wild frontier – and its pioneers are saddled with heavy wagons weighed down with members of an industry consistently slow to adopt new technologies. This makes for a slow trip over the social media Rockies for commercial real estate social media pioneers – people like Leopardo’s Todd Andrlik, Retail Traffic editor David Bodamer and commercial real estate deal junkie and publisher Jay Rickey.

Look Beyond Your Own Backyards, Economic Developers

Communities hard-hit by the recession – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – are using every arrow in the quiver to create jobs and increase tax revenue. And one of the most cost-effective of those arrows is a strategic media relations campaign, whether it’s executed in-house or using an agency. But you’d be surprised how many media relations programs deployed by economic development corporations [www.iedconline.org] focus only on the media within their communities – “backyard coverage” – not on national and international business outlets.

Deal or No Deal? Thought Leadership Increases Visibility When Transactions are Few & Far Between

Is the ink still fresh? Is it the biggest lease, the largest transaction, the best location? Deal coverage dominates media interest in the commercial real estate sector. But thanks to the credit crunch, there’s a dearth of transactions in most subsectors and geographies. Bigger hasn’t been better since the subprime crash of 2007, which means that for many beat reporters, there are precious few new transactions to write about.