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To B2B or to B2C? That is the question – in real estate public relations

Are you marketing your commercial property to businesses or consumers? While business to business public relations was once the obvious answer to this question, marketing to consumers is becoming increasingly important for driving revenue in commercial properties. While business to business marketing positioning strategy– particularly to leasing and investment brokers – remains critical, there are other audiences to consider.

You Schmooze, You Can’t Lose: Industry Events’ Importance to B2B Public Relations

How immersed are you in the industry you publicize? In today’s world, attending industry events brings great value to public relations programs – for both agency and corporate public relations professionals. Beyond networking, events bring unique value to understanding the context of industry media coverage, and getting to know what issues keep the decision-makers up at night.

Timing is everything. Is the market ready for your message?

Proverbs – and let’s face it, clichés – that focus on time and timing are prolific in investment-driven businesses like real estate and capital markets. And for good reason – after all, a good investment at the wrong time is no longer a good investment. Similarly, a good message can fall on flat ears, if the timing isn’t right – no matter how correct or wise it is. Deciding when you communicate facts, figures and messages to the world should be as central a part of your communications strategy as the actual content of your messages.

Getting Started in Social Media: 5 Top Tips for Commercial Real Estate Executives

Commercial real estate social media is a wild frontier – and its pioneers are saddled with heavy wagons weighed down with members of an industry consistently slow to adopt new technologies. This makes for a slow trip over the social media Rockies for commercial real estate social media pioneers – people like Leopardo’s Todd Andrlik, Retail Traffic editor David Bodamer and commercial real estate deal junkie and publisher Jay Rickey.

What’s New in Business News this Week? This Week’s Top-Line News Summary

According to a recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek article, a dozen U.S Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are set to raise dividends next quarter, on the heels of the industry as a whole raising $33 billion in capital. The dividend yield for mortgage REITs was 14.6 percent on Jan. 13, significantly higher than the yield for Treasuries (3.74 percent yesterday). Publicly traded REITs are required by law to pay 90 percent of their taxable income as dividends.

Read all about it! This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 11/30/09

Breaking out of your Thanksgiving-induced tryptophan coma yet? If not, we are confident that this morning’s exciting news headlines will! It’s Monday – “Cyber Monday” in fact, for those in the Retail sector – so it’s time again for our weekly preview of this week’s headlines in the B2B sectors we work in the most. Last week we focused on banking, healthcare and markets; this week we’re going to several other corners of the business world: management, real estate and of course – retail.