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Fear Not, Financial Firms: Move ahead with brand building social media

Social media creates dialogue, and peer to peer interactions. In financial services in particular, there’s an opportunity to inspire a more emotional, more intimate and honest relationship through social channels than with ‘push communications.’ Banks and brokerages have not moved ahead as forcefully as other brand marketers with innovative, big idea campaigns that get their customers thinking about how much they LIKE their brand, how much they IDENTIFY with the product or service provider.

Dot coms. Bernie Madoff. Real estate. The credit crisis. The flash crash.

For investors under the age of 40, much of their adult life has been occupied by accelerated boom and bust cycles in the world of finance, peppered liberally with doses of scandal and market turmoil. A lack of growth in the Dow Industrials and S&P 500 over the past 10 years (don’t ask about the NASDAQ) has led to the this period being referred to as a “lost decade.”

Best Practices: Using Facebook as a Bank Marketing Channel

Facebook has become one of the de facto channels for organizations seeking to make, or reinforce, a connection to their audience – it almost feels like “everyone who’s anyone” is there. But (and perhaps not surprisingly) banks haven’t been as quick to sign in.

Content Marketing Finds its Groove and Eyes its Next Challenge – Measurement

Last week, Junta 42 and MarketingProfs launched a new study on B2B Content marketing trends. The results show that the B2B sector has come of age as a publisher of branded content; nine in ten of the 1,100 B2B organizations surveyed use branded content for marketing purposes – regardless of industry or company size.

Mobile Payments Bring Challenges – and Opportunities – to Communicators

I love mobile banking. Absolutely LOVE it. Checking balances, moving funds around, paying bills…all while waiting for the bus. It makes me absolutely gleeful to take care of these mildly annoying tasks when I’d otherwise be staring at the façade of the building across the street, quietly cursing the MTA and its service cuts

Making Your Financial Services Spokesperson a Better Interviewee

Let’s be honest – the intricacies of the 2,300 page Restoring Financial Stability Act are challenging to digest. Even as a financial public relations professional, the task of tracking the ongoing developments of the financial reform while also developing strategic thought leadership for our spokespeople has been daunting – to say the least. However, the need to work closely with spokespeople to help translate their insights on complex financial issues into comprehensible, interesting and differentiating thought leadership is exactly what makes financial services public relations rewarding.