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GRACE UNDER PRESSURE: What Danny Meyer Can Teach PR People (and many others as well)

The story of a failed restaurant reinforced some important business principles for me today. Crain’s New York Business, in its November 1 issue, ran an article on the extraordinary lengths to which legendary restaurateur Danny Meyer is going to provide a soft landing for the 90 employees and many customers of Tabla. The high-end Indian eatery closes on December 31.

When Politics and Reality TV Collided: Midterm Elections 2010

The midterm elections are over. What does this mean? It means that a few new politicians were elected into office, and some were elected out of office. But to me, it means an end – finally – to the ads. (A good sampling of them can be found here.)

To B2B or to B2C? That is the question – in real estate public relations

Are you marketing your commercial property to businesses or consumers? While business to business public relations was once the obvious answer to this question, marketing to consumers is becoming increasingly important for driving revenue in commercial properties. While business to business marketing positioning strategy– particularly to leasing and investment brokers – remains critical, there are other audiences to consider.

Did You Hear How to Harness the power of WOM to Drive Business Results?

On my flight to Cleveland recently for the Worldcom PR Group Americas Region meeting, the attendant turned a routine flight procedure into a memorable experience. How? He came to our aisle and said: “Ms. Rhoads, Ms. Sosnow, what would you like to drink this afternoon?” Seeing our surprise at his request, he said “service isn’t dead in the world, people have just forgotten that it’s part of their job description.”

When Marketing Met Finance

When Harry Met Sally is one of my all-time favorite movies. I’m a real sucker for romantic comedies. Plus, there’s something about Meg Ryan’s and Billy Crystal’s unlikely friendship – and ultimate romance – that’s ennobling. It’s a story of growth. Two opposite temperaments learning to understand, befriend, complement and enrich each others’ lives.

Best Practices: Using Facebook as a Bank Marketing Channel

Facebook has become one of the de facto channels for organizations seeking to make, or reinforce, a connection to their audience – it almost feels like “everyone who’s anyone” is there. But (and perhaps not surprisingly) banks haven’t been as quick to sign in.

Creating a Successful B2B Marketing Event: How to Stack the Odds in Your Favor

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you get a tattoo. Or you work in PR and have a blog post to write.

I was in Las Vegas last week for an event my client (a consulting firm) stages for their retail clients – a function in its 24th year that brought together about 100 people from 60 different companies with whom they represent now or in the past. An impressive gathering, but it hasn’t always been so. It has taken serious TLC over the years to grow it to what it is today.

HERDING CATS: Leading a Professional Services Firm

Figuring that I was old enough to have learned something in founding and running a PR firm for 30+ years – but not so old that I had forgotten it all – the three Managing Directors of our firm asked me to develop a number of staff training courses dubbed Bliss University.

It’s 10:00pm, Do You Know Where Your Brand Is?

How often do you come across a situation where a business and one of its key employees have become so closely identified with one another that they are almost considered one and the same? Steve Jobs and Apple, Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, Simon Cowell and American idol. When this happens, brand performance becomes tied to the iconic employee – for better or for worse.

You Schmooze, You Can’t Lose: Industry Events’ Importance to B2B Public Relations

How immersed are you in the industry you publicize? In today’s world, attending industry events brings great value to public relations programs – for both agency and corporate public relations professionals. Beyond networking, events bring unique value to understanding the context of industry media coverage, and getting to know what issues keep the decision-makers up at night.