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Is Your Brand a PR Underdog?

I generally do not consider myself to be a college basketball fan, but I have spent a disproportionate amount of…

Social Media Week, B2B-Style

When it comes to events like Social Media Week, as a B2B public relations professional, I have often felt like a diabetic kid in a candy store. All of those sweet consumer marketing social media success stories look delectable, but where are the treats for me? That’s why I was excited to attend ABI’s social media panel discussion, “Integrating Social Media into B-to-B.”

Everyone Has A Story – What’s Yours?

When we ask someone the core question of “So, what do you do?” there are a few answers you never hear:

“We run a me-too operation.”
“I’m a mediocre doctor/lawyer/landscaper.”
“We do just enough to keep the client from complaining.”