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Professional Services Marketing: The Early Days

No question about it, the marketing of professional services can be a frustrating way to earn a living. This holds true whether you’re an employee of a professional firm or a “hired gun.” Common complaints are (a) egomaniacal clients, (b) unreasonable expectations that often flow from “a.” and (c) a paucity of solid content.

On pedants and dilettantes, gurus and gravitas

I had the opportunity last week to visit with a friend from college whom I had not seen in 25+ years. We had a nice visit in his Park Avenue office, learned that our companies employ roughly the same number of people, and that we market in very much the same way.

Five Steps to Capitalize on Breaking News

News breaks at lightning speeds these days. We are at war. Unemployment is high. Healthcare and social security challenges loom. Scandals abound. We watched the beginning of a revolution unfold on Twitter and YouTube. We have our first Latina Supreme Court Justice. We inspire the world. We disgust the world. The list goes on and on.