Kristen Saldarini

Kristen is an Account Supervisor in the financial services and healthcare practices at Bliss Integrated Communication, where she manages programs and teams across key client accounts. She is adept at strategic communication planning and recognized for creating, maintaining and launching effective thought leadership campaigns staked in content and data.

Kristen is motivated by opportunities to help clients raise awareness of socially salient issues and simplify the business of health (BoH). She has helped highlight the critical need for affordable housing across the country, promoted the importance of fiduciary financial advice, raised awareness of small business banking solutions and corporate social responsibility initiatives and, most recently, supported efforts to educate consumers about their insurance options.

Kristen is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional through the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), an organization that sets the global standard in digital marketing and selling certification. She graduated summa cum laude from The George Washington University with a double major in American Studies and Journalism & Mass Communication.

Besides (of course) her work, Kristen is mostly passionate about snacking, chatting and never finishing the third cup of coffee.

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