Joy Morris-Drakes

Joy is the Office Coordinator at Bliss Integrated Communication and provides support to the entire staff.

She has served as an Office Manager and Facilities Coordinator throughout her career. She has had the privilege and pleasure of working with and supporting many illustrious, high ranking, talented colleagues at; just to name a few corporations, businesses and non-profits – Yahoo! (Jones Lang LaSalle),The Roosevelt Institute, The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, Stealth Travel and Leisure, and Murjani International – Gloria Vanderbilt.

Joy attended BMCC. Outside of Bliss, Joy is a caregiver and personal shopper. Joy likes to engage in car talk that includes horsepower, V and Hemi engines. Needless to say, she enjoys long distance driving! She has a passion for fishing, gardening, landscaping, decorating and wardrobe design for church related events and functions. She enjoys paperback novels, googling and exploring popular and trendy restaurants.