Introducing The Bliss Group

We are pleased to announce today that Bliss Integrated Communication is now becoming The Bliss Group

The firm remains the same in many ways.  A strong focus on client service.  Excellence in healthcare and professional and financial services.  A commitment to the careers of our team members and a shared duty to make a difference for society. 

We’ll be different in ways that provide our clients and our team with new models that can create advantage in the marketplace. 

Our new partner is The Next Practice Group, which brings expertise in data science/analytics, performance media, technology and software solutions, global digital media expertise, creative/content development, social purpose (and more). 

We believe the integration of our respective skills will lead to a new type of marketing communications offering that will represent the next generation for our industry. 

Our leadership team has learned from some of the best leaders we know.  We have helped create successful firms in our industry, we have worked within the largest holding companies and many of us have lived throughout our world. 

We have learned what works and, quite frankly, what should be avoided at all costs.  We’re thankful for our experience and determined to chart a new path.    

Now, we start our journey to build the next generation of Bliss, a firm originally created in 1975 by John Bliss.  We’ll listen and learn from our clients and develop ideas and solutions that match. 

We will let our strategic minds take us to new places, ranging from how to create new social purpose campaigns to how to build new data-science based products to reshaping the creative process itself. 

Today, we start with a combined team of 80+ with more than 50 clients.  We have a presence in New York City, Austin, Dallas and Hong Kong.  It’s safe to say we’ll expand.  

Most importantly, we’re here to build a firm that matters – to our clients and to ourselves.

We look forward to speaking with you and learning how we can help you make a difference in the marketplace and our world.