We are a strategic communications partner to pharmaceutical, biotech, hospitals and medical device/diagnostics companies, advocacy and professional groups and healthcare data companies.

Bliss Integrated’s Healthcare Practice spans the life sciences and business of health continuum. To most effectively support our clients’ needs, we focus on distinct communication disciplines: corporate, product and thought leadership support.

More than 70% of our healthcare business is global, and 100% of our initiatives include strategic social and digital marketing. We often play the role of “lead integration agency” for our clients, as we manage multiple consultants for them to ensure business objectives and messaging remains clear and concise across all communications disciplines.

At Bliss, we know that every client has its own DNA — a unique culture and approach to working with its core constituencies and delivering critical messages in its own way. Bliss works directly with senior marketing, medical and communications executives to cut to the heart of the matter to gain alignment on their aspirations and realistic project outcomes. Our clients trust Bliss as a long-term partner to set a strategic communications path and execute new, creative ways to first meet, and then exceed, business objectives.


Developed core messaging and a narrative based on interviews with the most senior researchers, faculty and hospital executives for a top medical institution. Created internal and external materials to capture the new corporate messaging, which is reflected through a corporate brochure, in presentations and on their corporate website. This initiative has helped faculty and leaders speak in a unified voice about their department and improve referral rates within their ecosystem and outside of their network.


Created an identity (both internally- and externally-facing) for a key business unit of a major biopharmaceutical company. These tactics marked the first “storytelling” of the business unit’s journey – creation, road-to-success, developmental hurdles and future goals – from 2008 until the present. Employees now understand the value behind the business unit, signified by a marked increase in interest from the company’s professionals.