Our Expertise

Content Development

Content is at the heart of any successful B2B or B2C marketing strategy. At Bliss, we create unique pieces of content and market it across as many different and relevant platforms as possible, be it print, electronic, digital or mobile. The Bliss team drives the ideation and creation of diverse content pieces:


Infographics are visual pieces of content that bring complex or mundane data to life in a way that is both engaging and informative for the public. Infographics cut through the clutter of information that might otherwise be missed or overlooked by reporters or industry influencers. Bliss leverages infographics for multiple purposes, including as an innovative way to announce news, as sales and marketing collateral, online or print ads, a slide in company presentations and other creative visual applications.

Case Studies

Developed an infographic on a technical topic for a major professional services firm and equipped business development professionals to share the resource with targets. Using the graphic as a touchpoint has resulted in 15 new business opportunities, including 11 confirmed sales.

Developed and implemented a national survey series for a top 15 U.S investment bank. Drove program from start to finish, including questionnaire development, survey administration, data analysis and content creation. “Content kit” based on findings were comprised of a fact sheet, checklist, conversation starters, infographic and “sharegraphics” for social media. In addition, initial survey findings resulted in 20 pieces of media coverage, including a profile feature in Barron’s.