Our Expertise

Marketing Strategy & Execution

Marketing strategy is different from PR strategy: it’s more directly tied to a firm’s overall business strategy and the promotion of a product and service offering. A clear and compelling marketing strategy enables a company to go-to-market more effectively and position itself to stay above the competitive fray. Bliss Integrated’s programs are designed to attract marketplace awareness and help drive sales through the following marketing platforms:

Branding & Corporate Identity Programs

A company’s brand identity is essential to their broader marketing program – it’s how their business is perceived by consumers, investors, media and peers. A strong brand identity helps our clients’ define their messages and manage public perception. We help organizations capitalize on their existing brand and build new identity programs for those who are in need of market (re)positioning.  Our copy and creative teams make sure that company names, logos, taglines and narrative language adequately represent them in their respective market(s) and position them positively against their competition. Then we help bring brands to life through compelling messaging and outreach programs that build both brand awareness and, ultimately, brand equity.