Our Expertise

Digital & Social Media

Social media has changed the way we interact with people, brands and prospects, how we access and exchange information, and how we making purchasing decisions. Invariably, it has altered the ways our clients deliver content, and is a linchpin of many of our clients’ marketing programs. A well-crafted digital or social media program can be one of the most effective and efficient communication programs an organization can deploy, and Bliss has quickly developed a reputation for being one of the most agile social/digital B2B firms in the marketplace.

Not all platforms are right for all companies – but all companies should be examining how best to capitalize on the benefits of a smart digital and social media strategy. From Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn to Google+ to any of the hundreds of sites in the digital media universe, we know the best platforms to reach customers, prospects and influencers and, more importantly, we know how to engage them on our client’s behalf. Our expertise includes:

Blogger Development & Outreach

Blogs are a must-have digital platform in the BtoB marketplace for showcasing thought leadership and are essential in the B2C marketplace to build brand recognition and trust. They provide both value for customers and prospects, as well as credibility for your business and key executives. In today’s highly competitive world, any opportunity you have to add useful, optimized content to your website should be taken advantage of. Our digital team has experience constructing blogs, developing rich content and using it to engage employees, customers, prospects and influencers. Our team’s understanding of social media for business to business firms is unmatched in our industry.

Case Studies

Our integrated communications program established a rotating set of nearly a dozen authors now contributing to a blog on Forbes.com, commenting on relevant current events and providing actionable advice for leaders and managers. Now four years after its launch, the blog attracts nearly 30,000 visitors each month, and has dramatically boosted traffic to the company website and social channels. The success of this blog has generated new opportunities for regularly contributed content on additional blog platforms, including Huffington Post.