My Favorite Teacher

This is a personal post, so come back tomorrow if you’d prefer to hear more of our thoughts on integrated…

Media training like a reporter

Nothing prepares an executive for an interview with a reporter like– an interview with a reporter. So, it’s no surprise…

Google+ Growing Pains

The imposters have made their point. A very young Google+ is vulnerable to some misuse, especially when it comes to…

Media Training: Does Social Media Change How You Should Participate In an Interview?

Traditional reporters are a dying breed. They are swiftly being replaced by a new breed of bloggers, citizen journalists, microbloggers and, in some cases, even by companies. At the same time, layoffs at mainstream media are being announced on a daily basis. Newspapers are almost extinct, magazines are shifting to online editions and local news is the rising star.

Media Training 101 for B2B Public Relations: Top 5 Interview Mistakes…and Strategies to Fix Them

There’s usually some fear in the conference room. There’s a tiny chance of tears. And even anger lurks nearby.

Pop quiz…what kind of meeting could possibly elicit that level of emotion? Answer: a press interview. For most folks, public speaking triggers worry, anxiety and self doubt. Media training is designed to remove the emotion and get clients focused on how to maximize their opportunities with the press.