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U.S. Global Investors – A Case Study of One of our All-Stars

Last week, we had the opportunity to speak with Ryan George, PR specialist with U.S. Global Investors, one of the fund companies that we listed in our post about the all-stars in fund social media. The company is far ahead of many of its competitors within the fund industry in social media – successfully managing a Twitter feed, Facebook page, blog and YouTube page.

LONG-TERM CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS: The Key to Successful Agencies

In recent months I have gotten to know Josh Sommers, who runs Focus Media , a very successful Hudson Valley PR & advertising agency. Josh has an unusual background – he was a radio personality before founding his firm, so he looks at things a little differently than those of us that grew up in the agency business.

8 Tips to Create B2B Marketing Videos that Motivate

Every year around this time, I throw an Oscar party for my friends. But we don’t actually watch the big TV show. Instead, I ask them to bring movie clips that fit into a theme, from “Best Actress,” to “Best 80’s Movie” to this year’s “Most Shocking” category.

Five Tips to Make Content Creation Easier

When it comes to content consumption, we live in an on-demand world. We can access video, editorial, audio and broadcast content whenever, however and wherever we want.

Social Media Week, B2B-Style

When it comes to events like Social Media Week, as a B2B public relations professional, I have often felt like a diabetic kid in a candy store. All of those sweet consumer marketing social media success stories look delectable, but where are the treats for me? That’s why I was excited to attend ABI’s social media panel discussion, “Integrating Social Media into B-to-B.”

Fund Social Media – Our All-Stars

Earlier this week, Emily Glazer of the Wall Street Journal covered how mutual fund companies are adopting social media, both in an article that appeared in the Journal Report and a video. Overall, we agree with her assessment – the fund industry has been slower to dip their toe into social media because of stringent regulations, but with the rules released by FINRA in early 2010 (which we wrote about here), many fund companies were able to explore social media with some comfort.


I am offended by the current ad campaign of Jackson Hewitt, a tax preparation service. I am not opposed to financial incentives, when they make sense and I should say at the outset that our PR firm has no axe to grind in this arena.

Is a picture really worth 1000 words?

Having built my career communicating creative ideas for B2B businesses with artfully crafted words, I sometimes forget to incorporate my personal passion for photography into my everyday work. Because of the SEO power of pictures, I dutifully scour Flickr for images to accompany posts or jazz up PPT presentations

9 Ways to Help Your B2B PR Agency Become a Social Leader

In 2007, we are a B2B PR firm. We don’t care about social media.

In 2008, not one client had conducted a social media campaign. We are “awake” but worried.

In 2009, we established digital footprints for about 75% of our clients. We begin to anticipate emerging opportunities before some of our competitors.