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You Schmooze, You Can’t Lose: Industry Events’ Importance to B2B Public Relations

How immersed are you in the industry you publicize? In today’s world, attending industry events brings great value to public relations programs – for both agency and corporate public relations professionals. Beyond networking, events bring unique value to understanding the context of industry media coverage, and getting to know what issues keep the decision-makers up at night.

Accenture’s New White Paper on Social Media for Insurers Misses the Point

There are times when the insurance industry looks a lot like Superman. A disaster strikes your life or business – a flood, a bankruptcy, a lawsuit – and an insurance carrier flies in to save your day.
When it comes to social media, I think a number of insurers run the risk of looking powerful but passive…like they just got handed a bar of kryptonite.

White Paper Best Practices for B2B Public Relations

In B2B public relations, we, and our clients, are often drawn to the idea of writing a White Paper; they are an ideal way to establish credibility and/or increase recognition around a certain issue that’s important to a business. Often, it can fuel a thought leadership strategy, and provide fodder for sales meetings, client communications and website collateral.


Thought leadership is a hot topic these days. Basically, it means showcasing your brainpower to clients and potential clients through research, articles, speeches, surveys and now blogs. We call it the “marketing of ideas.” The September 11 issue of The Economist ran an article on it and our firm has seen the concept move from professional services into financial services and medical devices.

7 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Next B2B Media Hit

Are “media mentions” as valuable as they use to be? Has a mention of a company in a news article (that isn’t negative, of course) lost some of its prestige, as the media landscape changes and readers graze for information across multiple sources?

Content Marketing Finds its Groove and Eyes its Next Challenge – Measurement

Last week, Junta 42 and MarketingProfs launched a new study on B2B Content marketing trends. The results show that the B2B sector has come of age as a publisher of branded content; nine in ten of the 1,100 B2B organizations surveyed use branded content for marketing purposes – regardless of industry or company size.

Social Media in Highly Regulated Industries – Advice and Insight

Yesterday, the Council of PR Firms hosted a fantastic session titled “Optimizing Social Media Efforts in Highly Regulated Industries.” If you want all the “lessons learned” from yesterday’s session, skip down a paragraph. But before I start, I want to editorialize a bit. I went to the session full of excitement of what I would learn, and of course I was not at all disappointed.

Mobile Payments Bring Challenges – and Opportunities – to Communicators

I love mobile banking. Absolutely LOVE it. Checking balances, moving funds around, paying bills…all while waiting for the bus. It makes me absolutely gleeful to take care of these mildly annoying tasks when I’d otherwise be staring at the façade of the building across the street, quietly cursing the MTA and its service cuts

What is your biggest weakness?

Ever gotten that question in a job interview? Most people are prepared with a pseudo positive answer. “I am an overachiever.” “I can sometimes take on too much and then work myself to death getting it all done.” “I am too organized and so others’ lack of preplanning frustrates me.”