Monthly Archives: March 2010

Is Your Retirement Plan in Need of a New Strategy?

March 24thNews Flash: The Congressional Budget Office issues some sobering news – payments from the Social Security system will exceed contributions into the system this year – six years earlier than their most recent forecasts had suggested. We are now facing a $29billion shortfall.

Capital Markets Deal Announcements – Opportunity to Go Social?

Many financial communications professionals continue to try and wrap their arms around social media and the relevance to the financial services industry. Many retail banks have been able to use Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other social media venues as customer service tools to both aggregate and respond to customer complaints. Some have done this phenomenally well and been able to improve their customer service model because of this “real time” customer feedback– like Wells Fargo and USAA, for example (see below for examples). But what about the institutional side of banking – is there an opportunity for social media there? The short answer is yes.

Confessions of a Hard-to-Please Employee

Forward-motion – I count myself a fan. I’m the kind of girl who taps her feet when sitting and who paces while standing. I get energy from milestones. I love new challenges.

Story Hour in the Board Room

Growing up in New England, the local library was a focal point of my town. My favorite part of early elementary school was the afternoon story hours held there. Fast forward 30 odd years and stories still play a big role in my life.

Keep it Simple, Stupid: Occam’s Razor and Business Communications

Have we all had this moment? You wake up at some god-awful moment in the middle of the night, like 3:48 a.m., and your finger hurts, and you decide in an instant that it’s bone cancer. You will not see your children grow up, you can’t remember if you paid the most recent premium for your life insurance, and you wonder how your oldest is ever going to learn his multiplication tables without you.

BlissPR’s Financial Services Practice Group Brings You Our Two Cents on this Week’s Financial News

Welcome to another round-up of the financial news we’re keeping an eye on this week. In addition to a few deals happening here and there – including AIG’s announcement that it will sell its ALICO business to MetLife, and Royal Dutch Shell and PetroChina offering to buy Arrow Energy of Australia – here’s what we’ll be watching (in addition to all of the best- and worst-dressed recaps from the Oscars):