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Getting Started in Social Media: 5 Top Tips for Commercial Real Estate Executives

Commercial real estate social media is a wild frontier – and its pioneers are saddled with heavy wagons weighed down with members of an industry consistently slow to adopt new technologies. This makes for a slow trip over the social media Rockies for commercial real estate social media pioneers – people like Leopardo’s Todd Andrlik, Retail Traffic editor David Bodamer and commercial real estate deal junkie and publisher Jay Rickey.

Professional Services Marketing: The Early Days

No question about it, the marketing of professional services can be a frustrating way to earn a living. This holds true whether you’re an employee of a professional firm or a “hired gun.” Common complaints are (a) egomaniacal clients, (b) unreasonable expectations that often flow from “a.” and (c) a paucity of solid content.

BlissPR’s Financial Services Practice Group Brings You Our Two Cents on this Week’s Financial News

Over the past several months, we’ve received great feedback on our weekly news summaries, including a few suggestions on how these posts can be more helpful to our readers. We’ve taken this feedback to heart, and have decided to change our “weekly news roundup” feature to focus on major stories breaking in the financial services industry. Moving forward, Our Two Cents will be authored by members of BlissPR’s Financial Services Practice Group.

What’s all the Buzz About? Will Google Buzz Impact PR and Marketing Strategies?

In between watching the Olympics this weekend (was it just me, or was the sportscaster announcing the men’s Nordic Combined REALLY excited?), I finally got to play around with Google Buzz,Google’s newest foray into the social media world. Briefly, Google Buzz “socializes” Gmail by allowing Gmail users to “follow” people they know, update their status and comment on others’ status.

Getting Started in Social Media: 5 Top Tips for Wealth Managers

The business of wealth management marketing is evolving – specifically, we are beginning to blog, tweet and link. Think your clients are not in the social media demographic? Think again. Bessemer Trust, the Wall Street Journal and more clients than you might imagine are already engaged in social media.

Ideas that Sell: Does Thought Leadership Really Drive Revenue?

Over the past year, content marketing and thought leadership have become popular catch-phrases. Try typing “#content marketing” into a Twitter Search and see how many results you get; this past Friday, the topic generated nearly 50 tweets in the span of an hour.

Read all about it! This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 2/8/2010

Bummed it’s the end of the football season? Us too! But to liven up your Monday, we’ve compiled some nuggets of interest from the business world. It might not be as good as a party on Bourbon Street, but its close enough. This week we are taking a closer look at news in healthcare, the markets and banking. Enjoy!

Watch the Media Evolve: Wall Street Journal Journalists Weigh in on How PR Pitches Should Change Due to Social Media

Ok, we get it. The media landscape is changing. So much so that the Twitter handle @themediaisdying has almost 22,000 followers and has tweeted over 3,500 updates since the account launched on November 18, 2008. While “dying” might be a bit of a dramatization, the media is without a doubt evolving – and doing so at warp speed. So why do public relations professionals continue to pitch the media as if it was circa 2002? Good question – and kudos to the Publicity Club of New York for more tactfully addressing this very question.