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Look Beyond Your Own Backyards, Economic Developers

Communities hard-hit by the recession – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – are using every arrow in the quiver to create jobs and increase tax revenue. And one of the most cost-effective of those arrows is a strategic media relations campaign, whether it’s executed in-house or using an agency. But you’d be surprised how many media relations programs deployed by economic development corporations [] focus only on the media within their communities – “backyard coverage” – not on national and international business outlets.

Media Training 101 for B2B Public Relations: Top 5 Interview Mistakes…and Strategies to Fix Them

There’s usually some fear in the conference room. There’s a tiny chance of tears. And even anger lurks nearby.

Pop quiz…what kind of meeting could possibly elicit that level of emotion? Answer: a press interview. For most folks, public speaking triggers worry, anxiety and self doubt. Media training is designed to remove the emotion and get clients focused on how to maximize their opportunities with the press.

Read all about it! This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 10/26/09

It’s Monday. The Yankees are going to the World Series (which could be good or bad news for you), and it’s time again for our weekly preview of this week’s headlines in the industries we follow the most. Last week we focused on markets, HR/Management and personal finance. This week our media relations professionals highlight healthcare, real estate, and markets. Happy reading!

Banks & Social Media – Will Slow & Steady Win the Race?

Banks’ presence on social media outposts has increased exponentially over the past six months. On Twitter alone, the number of financial institutions with accounts skyrocketed from 54 to over 710 between March and October this year, according to Visible Banking .

Evolution of the Wall Street Analyst: Is it the End for Sell-Side Research?

Where, oh where, have the analysts gone….oh where, oh where can they be?

Over lunch last week, a sell-side research analyst noted that few of his former colleagues continue to work in sell-side research. While the role of the sell-side analyst has not disappeared, it evolved into something very different over the past decade. No longer is an analyst widely considered to be an “ax” in his or her universe of coverage. Stocks rarely move solely based on word of a ratings upgrade or downgrade on CNBC.

Count Your Losses

A few weeks ago, I flew from London to New York. I knew what to expect – or, more to the point, what not to expect: food. Most airlines don’t offer complimentary meals any more. Some don’t even provide snacks for purchase.

BOOK REVIEW: A Colossal Failure of Common Sense (Crown)

It all started with a presumably well—intentioned but thoroughly bad idea. It was compounded by equal parts of avarice, arrogance and sheer stupidity by a cast of thousands. And it almost brought down the world banking and economic systems … and still might.

Read all about it! This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 10/13/09

Last week we shared with you our firm’s “Top Line News Summary” which included highlights from three sectors including retail, HR/management, and markets.

This week our media relations professionals highlight three different sectors: banking, insurance, and real estate.